In Memorium

Deò’s Shadow

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Oh vi, oh vi, my friend.

Ah, deò’s shadow. What would we have done without deò’s shadow? One of the first, and still one of the best, pagan podcasts ever recorded. Beloved and remembered by those who were lucky enough to be in on the podcast scene in its early days, deò’s shadow was a beacon of intelligent and humorous pagan discussion in this new aural medium. With consistent radio quality production, diverse music choices, and in-depth journalistic content, deò’s shadow was (and continues to be) a prime example of what our community is capable of as scholars, educators, and entertainers.

After prematurely ending (hubris to declare, but that remains the consensus of We The Pagans) and deò himself exiting the pagansphere, we all felt the loss of a virtual mentor…in both podcasting and paganism. So, to help ease the pain, I humbly present to you this (almost complete) archive of this amazing podcast! If you have the episodes I’m missing (I believe there were 45 or 47 total), please let me know so I can add them!

Content has been removed from the public domain in accordance with the author’s wishes. :)