Here are the requirements for being included on The Pagan PodList. Check our FAQ page for some common questions, or go to our Contact page to send us a question if it isn’t addressed here.

  1. Pagan Focus: the podcast must have a focus on Paganism and/or Pagan perspectives. ‘Pagan’ by our definition is an umbrella term for any number of the diverse Earth-centered spiritualities combining nature veneration and personal empowerment. Paganism is not simply a catch-all for anything non-Monotheistic, non-dogmatic, or outside the mainstream. It is not required that the hosts be themselves Pagan nor that the entire show be dedicated to strictly Pagan topics. It is understood there will be overlap and themes may straddle more than one sphere. Within this framework we do not discriminate between one Pagan tradition or another—all are welcome.
  2. Current Content: meaning the podcast has produced shows in the last 4-months. Each listing will be checked every 2-months. If the show has not produced content within that period, its status will be changed from  Active  (on-schedule) to  Hiatus  (grace period). If at the end of another 2-month period the show has still not produced content, its status will be changed to  Podfaded  (preemptive to un-listing) and an email notice will be sent to the podcaster/s.
  3. Consistent Production: meaning the podcast produces content regularly, more or less, according to the parameters set by their own defined schedule. Whether this is Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually, Variable, or just on Holidays (or any variation thereof)—it makes no difference. Here are some examples of circumstances which might lead to the dreaded  Podfaded  status:
    1. a show on a Monthly schedule produces only 1 show in 4mo
    2. a show on a Annual schedule produces 0 shows in 16mo (i.e. lapsed 1yr + 4mo)
    3. a show on a Holidays schedule produces 0 shows in 4mo (e.g. missing 2–3 sabbats)
  4. Content Policy: this website is not intended to police the content of the podcasts listed. It is simply a listing of current Pagan podcasts. If you have any problems with the content found in any show, please contact the hosts of said show. Shows will not be unlisted due to their content. That being said, our one-and-only exception to this rule is if the content attempts to instruct, inform, or advise its audience to violate State and/or Federal law. This exception does not include topical or abstract discussions meant to highlight an issue contested under State and/or Federal law. Here are two examples to clarify our position:
    1. podcaster relays a story about the use of an entheogenic substance (such as cannabis) during a ritual—this is not considered a violation of our content policy, as it relates to a discussion of religious practice; also, most laws protect entheogenic usage for religious purposes (although these laws will vary from region to region)
    2. podcaster relays information as to where and how to purchase non-prescribed cannabis—this is considered a violation of our content policy, as it attempts to inform and instruct listeners on how to break State and/or Federal laws (which is very naughty and potentially dangerous)